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Some iPad doodling and some post-doodling glitchery.

About twice a year I remember I own a Wacom tablet and decide to doodle using it.

New drawing. Worked on this here and there from April to end of October.

iPad doodle collage before and after glitching.

I attempted to do a fairly political drawing about the proliferation of a consumerist value system in society, but it turns out I am not too good with consistency of ideas when drawing. And I ended up with this after roughly four months of on-and-off work.

Recent daily doodle

Little daily doodle. 

New drawing. Worked on this on-off from the end of March until today.

Might even want to do prints of this one. Really like how it turned out.

Some recent iPhone glitchy collage things.

Some iPad doodles made in Paper.

If I ever become my own sovereign country, this will probably be my official flag.

I’m not saying I necessarily I drew the best-ever picture of a dog wearing a rodeo shirt and novelty glasses, but I think we can all agree it probably ranks among the top five drawings of a dog wearing a rodeo shirt and novelty glasses.

Sometimes I decide to do art at 2AM that “says something.” Then the next day I remember why I don’t do art that “says something.”