Tumblr core demographic of gif-obsessed fifteen-year-olds who listen to dubstep: this is Mike Love. He is the worst human being on the face of the Earth.

He’s the cousin of Brian Wilson, the singer of the Beach Boys. When Brian Wilson was going through a mental breakdown in 1998, Mike here got Brian to sign over the name of the Beach Boys to him. He, in all technicality, since he did that, “owns” the Beach Boys. 

He recently kicked out three of the five members of the Beach Boys, including Brian Wilson, who wrote all the good songs. He plans to keep touring and using the name with only one other member of the original band, with himself as the lead singer of the Beach Boys, a band he didn’t join until he bought the rights from his cousin who was having a mental fucking breakdown at the time. 

So yes, he is a major fucking douchebag. 

Other crimes of Mike Love:

  • "Kokomo"
  • probably responsible for a great deal of Brian Wilson’s aforementioned turmoil
  • entirely responsible for The Beach Boys descent into self-parody
  • "Transcendental Meditation"
  • vocally disliked SMiLE and basically the reason it wasn’t released in the 1960s
  • inhibited Brian Wilson’s creative genius and prevented The Beach Boys from being the indisputable greatest band in American history—and perhaps on an artistic pantheon above The Beatles. Quoted as telling Brian Wilson, “Don’t fuck with the formula, Brian.”
  • exacerbated the self-destructive paths of Brian and Dennis Wilson, and arguably at least partially responsible for the latter’s death
  • historical revisionist vis-a-vis his creative role in the band during their artistic peak
  • refused to pay for a life-saving liver transplant of his illegitimate daughter, who later died of liver failure
  • big-time conservative republican
  • beat his ex-wife over her smoking habit
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    a small piece of my heart just shriveled up and died. fuck you, mike love.
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    Signal boost reblog: just because they were one of my favorite bands, I love Brian Wilson, and I fucking hate “Kokomo”...
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