Messing around with channel displacement and gradients in Photoshop.

What happens when you combine a power drill and a Micron pen.

Two variations on a GPOY.

Kan Wakan - “Forever Found” 

The alluring pop single Ennio Morricone never recorded.

This is something I saw while visiting the website to check the weather.

This is something I saw while visiting the website to check the weather.

Head-spinning, absolutely flooring avant-R&B from Scotland. Law deserves to be incredibly famous, or at least be the subject of fervent internet fandom.

I guess I spent a number of hours modifying my Tumblr’s HTML and CSS markup. I think it’s an improvement, or at the very least, it doesn’t look like a million other Tumblrs.

This is a very arbitrary collection of people.

Today, I learned you can download a Daria voice for TomTom GPS devices, because if there is anything that perfectly encapsulates Daria it is helping you navigate your car.

  • Middle-aged goths enduring Weezer so they could see Bauhaus 
  • Nearly breaking my glasses while seeing Wilco
  • Being asked to send some pictures of the 2005 Coachella Film Festival setup, but then losing the organizer’s business card and not sending those pictures. And then feeling bad about losing the business card because the guy gave me a pretty cool DVD of short films
  • People cheering because Madonna played one guitar riff
  • Daft Punk playing in 2006, and the show being incredible despite me not being able to see a thing because I am a short person
  • Taking 300 Coachella schedules from the KROQ tent every year for no discernible reason
  • Writing a review for my high school newspaper wherein I used the phrase “musical paramours,” not realizing that paramour connotes an illicit affair and is not just a synonym for lover
  • Standing next to a pre-Parks and Recreation Aziz Ansari during the Arcade Fire’s whole set and wondering whether I should interrupt him to say I liked Human Giant
  • Fleetingly being in the VIP area and awkwardly staring at Cee-Lo smoking a cigarette
  • Seeing Scarlett Johansson perform “Just Like Honey” with The Jesus & Mary Chain for some reason
  • The strange rumors of a Police reunion because there was a gap in the Main Stage set times

This is a photo promoting the first-class experience on Dubai airline Emirates. It is very absurd.

(h/t The Wire)

I think I just found the world’s worst job posting.

Playing around with old photos in Photoshop.

Newly glitched version of some old picture I took of TV on the Radio performing at Coachella in 2006 or 2007.


I love Forgotify.

This is very cool.